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The Full Story

Hi, my name is Ben B. Goss, I’m a NYC based film music composer and sound designer.
Under a mixed cultural influence, I am a classically trained clarinetist and music composer, but extended my musical interests much further.

I am currently attending the Film Music Scoring program at Berklee College of Music and hold a bachelors degree in Clarinet performance and composition.
Throughout the years of writing and studying music, I developed a great balance of aesthetic sensibilities and skills to write variety of film genres to include action, comedy, drama, horror, mystery, science fiction, adventure, romance as well as others.​

 As a teenager, I spent hours in movie theatres studying the great films and directors and of course, listening intently to the scores. Hans Zimmer, Mancini, Williams and Goldsmith, became my idols.

My approach to film composition is not only based on my strong musicality, but also on my understanding of cinema, which allows me to truly communicate with directors.
I believe that a great film score should find a balance between function and fiction. Function will ensure that the music fits well into the mechanics of the film but the fiction can tap into the invisible - the deep psychology and emotions of the characters,
creating a "vibration".

My flexibility in adapting to various projects has yielded wonderful collaborations.

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